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Coffee break with the Corndawg


Late winter has seen Jonny "Corndawg" Fritz log some serious studio time at the Teacher's Lounge. Fritz has realized a "life long vision" recording his first project with a decidedly "Nashville Sound". Having assembled some of Music City's finest purveyors of country and Americana instrumentation, Fritz is sitting on a stack of what we think will be modern country classics. Down On the Bikini Line features studio recordings of some of his most popular tunes like "Life of a Bear", "Chevy Beretta", and "When a Ford Man Turns To Chevy" along with new material we've been digging a lot lately! Wait till you here "Red On the Head". All stars Ben Martin and Jordan Caress have coffee at this posting while the Corndawg goes over numbers. 'Bikini Line also features such killer musicians as Josh Hedley, the Legendary Rich Gilbert, and John McCauley from band, Deertick.

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