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It's here! Jonny Corndawg releases 'Down On the Bikini Line' with Cleft Music releasing limited viny


Jonny Corndawg Fritz was in the Cleft Studios a few months back recording his masterpiece, Down On the Bikini Line. It's his first, full fledged, studio album to date (he's 8 albums into his catalog and probably more but it's getting hard to keep track). Seen here is Jonny working in the lounge upstairs on one of his many leather works while taking a break from recording. We are really excited to be offering this album on limited edition vinyl, including special glow in the dark copies which are even more limited. As for now, his album can be pre-ordered at various sites but here is a quick jump to Amazon where it's already available. Head over to Jonny's website and say HELLO! Like him on Facebook!

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