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Greetings friends! Cleft Music is happy to announce our lineup of new releases for Spring and Summer! Kicking things off this May, the studio debut of Nashville's psyche-soul lovers, Tim Chad and Sherry, drops an instant party on wax and cd as Baby We Can Work It Out. In tandem with this comes another debut, Jane Only's Jane Only. This country rocker is a pre-cursor to Chelsea Crowell's gorgeous solo outing, recorded with collaborator, Stephen Braren who has been busy with band, Cheap Time. Coming later this summer is Ham1's fourth album, Let's Go On and On With Ham1. This is currently our favorite band out of Athen's GA and we think the new record builds on last year's The Underground Stream, taking their unique blend of psyche folk spaghetti western surf rock to new and glorious heights. Lastly, we're proud to announce the release of veteran dive bar champion, Sunflower, as MONSTERS ON TELEVISION. Most folks know Sunny as the original drummer for Finnish freak rocker, The Mattoid. Life Is So Bizarre is a fierce compilation of hard hitting garage rock and angsty punk pop from a real Music City outsider. We'll have streams, downloads, store links, where's, why's, who's, and whatsitallabouts VERY SOON. Baby We Can Work It Out and Jane Only are NOW AVAILABLE TO ORDER/PREORDER! Click here!

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