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Cleft Outtakes, Demos, Odds and Ends: Volume 1


We're really excited to be releasing our first compilation of unreleased material! Through the holidays and the beginning of the new year, we'll be donating a large portion of these sales to Nashville's 2nd Harvest Food Bank! This comp is 80 MINUTES of odds and ends spanning the past decade, featuring some of Nashville's most unique and eclectic bands and songwriters. What do the Louvin Brothers, George Michael, and Miss Teen South Carolina all have in common??? You'll have to listen to this collection to know! We'd dare say this is the most diverse comp to come out of Music City's independent music scene ever. Seriously! Okay... so maybe there's a couple of friends from Athens Ga on there as well. This album is a full disc of outtakes, demos, and sometimes just plain oddball "throw aways" from the following artists: The Corndawg, Tim Chad and Sherry, LYLAS, Spiritual Family Reunion, Jacob Morris, Chelsea Crowell, William Tyler, The Mattoid, Carey Kotsionis, Randall Wade Wyatt, Ham1, Loney Hutchins (Sr. and Jr.), Paul Booker and the Dynamite Operators, and Monsters On Television.


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