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Ham1, "Let's Go On and On and On With Ham1"


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While you were blinking, Ham1 finished their 4th LP, Let's Go On and On and On With Ham1. We here at Cleft Music are still firm believers they're the best band in Athens, GA. Of course, we're slightly biased, but we feel this as fans of years of great psyche rock folk pop hurrah from this bed of music's fertile grounds. With this current release, Ham1 follow their signature style of instrumental guitar driven surf like oddities married with double take simplicity and unassumingly sincere lyrics driven by captain, Jim Willingham. If tracks like "Chief Broom" or "Escape Hatch" don't get you flying out of your recliner into outer space, then you either have no spirit of adventure or don't own a recliner. if you like artists like Olivia Tremor Control or Neutral Milk Hotel, you may very well fall in love with Ham1 like we have. Let's Go On and On and On With Ham1 is a perfect starting point. Their unique sound moves in every direction. We've pressed 500 copies on 12" vinyl and also have it available as cd and download. 

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