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Monsters On Television, 'Life Is So Bizarre' LP or CD

The kickass debut from unsung dive bar champion, Mr. Sunflower. Known by most as the man from Reno who arrived in Nashville to join the Poppy Fields band, Sunny went on to serve as drummer for Finnish troubadour, the Mattoid through his Hello and Eternifinity period. Hailing originally from Las Vegas by way of Southern California, Sunflower's first offering, Life Is So Bizarre, is filled with straight forward 70's punk pop, metal shredding, angsty So-Cal fist pumpers, and even humorous missives like 'Whatever Happened to the Spaced Out 90's?" This album is a document of Nashville's extra- subterranean music scene. If you've ever spent a late night on the back porch of the Springwater Supper Club you might be familiar with what sort of talent can lie hidden there. The records are a limited run of only 300 and are pressed on 150 gram vinyl. The jackets are hand screened by our friends at Grand Palace silk screening and a download card is included like all Cleft vinyl. Also available on CD digipak and various download sites. 

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