Chelsea Crowell is a third generation songwriter. Born and raised in Nashville then New York City, she had lived all over the place by her teenage years. It was during this time that Crowell first carried on the so called "outlaw" torch when she was banned from the Misfits Fiend Club for a rebelliously opinionated "fan" letter. Through the years, and by way of Memphis and Charleston, her heart found its way back to Nashville and the music she was raised with. By 2005, she had started collaborating with friend and writing partner, Steven Braren who, by the way, first introduced her to Cleft Producer, Loney John Hutchins. A year later they formed the band, Jane Only which would eventually find a CD release on Cleft, but was put on hold when Braren joined the trio, Cheap Time. By the start of '08, Chelsea had 3 albums worth of solo material. Her self titled debut, Chelsea Crowell, was release in 2009 followed by Crystal City in 2011. Her music is a mixture of country soul, folk jazz, family, heartache and time travel. Cleft Music couldn't be any prouder to be a part of it, releasing the album on cd, download and vinyl.