lylas have been steadily performing and releasing music in Nashville since 2003. They could be considered the quintessential "local band" as its roster has always consisted of musicians with "day gigs" such as Ryan "Coupler" Norris and Scott Martin (formerly Lambchop, HeCTA), longtime member Luke Schneider (Margot Price, Natural Child), and recent additions, Rollum Haas (The Features) and Rodrigo Avendano (Coupler, HeCTA). With their 3rd and latest LP, 'Warm Harm', lylas have taken a decidedly sharp turn towards experimental and electronic ambient sounds. This new sonic palette infuses their familiar neo-gothic folk through the heavy filter of producer, Jeremy Ferguson, and his Battletapes studio. The album lands somewhere in the middle of Will Oldham, Can, and Roxy Music. Throw in local influence by fellow Nashvillian Stone Jack Jones' looping songwriting style as well- an artist that has shared a decade long relationship with the group.