Jonny Fritz is from Esmont, Virginia. At 17 he got on a motorcycle and left home for all over the damn place. He started writing and singing before he even knew how to play guitar. Cleft Music first spotted him performing around '03 in Nashville at Guido's, singing a cappella tunes about things like the "Morning of Love," and "Some Badass Mother F*cker." Years, numerous locales, and a handful of album releases later, Fritz has worked with artists such as Dawes and Jim James and performed with countless others. Cleft is proud to have produced and released vinyl of his first studio album, 'Down On the Bikini Line' in 2011. If you've ever seen him perform, it's easy to see he's the real deal. Think rural folksiness with cosmopolitan curiosity. Fritz's travels have taken him all over the United States, to Europe, South America, as well as a couple trips to India where he found his GiVson Guitar. Yes, a country boy CAN survive with a little outsourcing. A tireless performer, leather crafter, air brush artist, marathon runner, world traveler, and by now, a decent guitar picker, Jonny Fritz has become a walking encyclopedia of country, folk, bluegrass, traditional, and more. 


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