Brad "Sunflower" Anderson arrived in Nashville, Tennessee on 9/11/01, along with his Poppy Fields bandmates, Ville The Mattoid and Poppy Fields. The latter two were on a road trip from San Francisco, making their way back to NYC when they met Sunflower at an open mic in Reno, Nevada. He offered to drive them the rest of the way in his Chevy Astro van, and fate decided it would break down in Music City. Sunny was a child of The Golden State, but of an era when the sunshine of The Beach Boys' harmonies had been firmly eclipsed by black metal, angsty SoCal punk, and psychedelic voodoo rock. After planting roots with the 'Fields in Nashville, Anderson went on to play with The Mattoid's solo ventures and local underground rock purveyors like Dave Cloud and Paul Booker. 


Monsters On Television is Sunny's own slab of weird weird 70's metal, punk-pop. It was recorded in just 3 sessions with his original lineup of Jose Lavato on the 5 string upside down, rightie played leftie bass, and Joey Kempler on the skinless drums. Guests include Cody Watkins on theremin, Paul Booker on guitar tapping solos, and Bobby Segler on ballad drums. The Mattoid's old rhythm section make appearances on a couple of tracks as well, Ben "Stik" Martin and Cleft house producer, LJ Hutchinsuch.