Cleft Music has discovered 500 virgin vinyl copies of Eaglebreeze's 1983 debut and sole artifact, Eaglebreeze. Included with each peanut butter honey colored LP is an original punch out, 3-D, Eagle teepee rocket turn table spinner. Clip on feathers and blacklight stickers not included, but we have made download cards for the album, even though that would have blown these dudes' minds back then. From the album's hype sticker: "In what amounts to a Southern-rock fantasy, the members of Eaglebreeze assembled in their Sheffield, Alabama studio created solely for the recording of this album. What resulted is a case study in unflinching, shameless cock-rock. Unparalleled in its swagger, audacity, and record shattering stoner jams, Eaglebreeze remains a document from a more innocent era. Relegated to obscure corners of the internet until now, this never released debut, doomed to sit in a warehouse for 30 years, is presented in its original, full length format, including the unedited 20+ minute opus, "Chonger." Each song, astonishingly recorded in one take, is now passed on (to the left) to a new generation."